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I work hard for the money...

I now have two jobs.....yeah, great idea huh? But in the end it will a good thing as I will be making lots of money (I hope) with the new job, I went for training today and I will start in the feild wednesday.

Let's see, technology.....evil, fucking evil, I got my phone turned back on, and Frank's...well...took it up the ass much like his computer. I'm %100 sure what's wrong with it, but after it shocked the hell out of him and stopped holding a charge, I began to suspect the battery. I'm choosing to look at this as the hard part before the happy part, I mean, if we can make it through this, nothing can stop us.

So now I bet you're all wondering what my new job is huh.....anyone....anyone at all? Well I'm going to tell you anyway....it's insurance. Yeah, real glamorus I know...(note the sarcasm)..but it's a decent job and it gives me lots and lots of options until I can get my massage license and do what I really like.

Aside from that, not much going on in my neck of the woods, so I'll be on my merry little way now.

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