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Well now, it would seem that I have neglected my poor lj for far too long yet again. It's been over a month since I posted and I haven't even noticed....why is that you may ask? Well, of the...like....12 characters I have on WoW (yes, I started playing) I have finally reached a decent level in my own opinion......what others may think is irrelevant. Anyways, aside from WoW and work I've been getting paperwork together to file for divorce....and don't leave any "I'm so sorry" or "I hope you're ok" comments because A) this has been coming in a big way, and B) I'm a grown woman and I can handle it. So yeah, if you're concerned, thank you, I really do appreciate it, but don't worry yourself about something that's better for me than being married to a redneck.

In other news, I shall be taking a trip to Texas next month, which should prove to be interesting as I am in fact planning on moving there within the year. Long story, but it has a happy ending, so yeah, yaygome.

And that's all I have in the way of updates, for now at least.

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