Heratyc (hera_tyc) wrote,


Ok, as soon as I got on I realised that I never actually said where I lived, although I'm sure most of you already figured it out. So yeah, I live in New Orleans, I work at Marie Lavaeu's house of voodoo, and I'm still looking for an apartment. So far I've been schooled on behaving like a local, mostly I'm just supposed to look pissed and tell anyone who asks me for anything to fuck off, unless of course they're asking directions. I already have a few favorite stores and have even made a friend of one of the owners, in fact he's been filling in the gaps on the questions people ask at the store as he knows more about the history than myself. Anywho, I have work tomorrow and I'm tired so I'm cutting it off here, my phone is off right now so you may have to catch me online when I'm on if you want to talk to me, otherwise email me.

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