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Oh the IRONY!

Reading a new webcomic that will more than likely be eating up all of my time until I am up to date.....this will be the fourth comic to steal chunks of my life away.

Now on to the funny. Ok, so I'm reading a comic called Questionable Content, and I'm really just getting started. Well, I've come to a strip where one character is chasing another character around the workplace with a giant pink vibrator and I find myself contemplating chasing one of my own coworkers with a giant vibrator.....I'm not actually going to because I'm kind of against getting myself fired, but still, the mental image came to me, and of all the coworkers I could have pop into my twisted little head......it was the lesbian.....imagine chasing a rather masculine lesbian around a convenience store with a giant pink vibrator......



*edit* My computer is retarded, it's half loading and making text appear in the wrong place....thus, this entry was edited.....hell, just read the damn comic.
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