Heratyc (hera_tyc) wrote,

And now.....

Ok, so I'm still a little sick. Halloween went well, details to those I deem worthy. Moving along, lots of stuff going on, going up, going down, details to those who look hard enough for the post. Work, well, work is fine I guess, I hate missing time at work, but I've been sick, as I already said, and I'm sure most people don't want someone who is coughing and sneezing to bring them food.....or maybe that's just me. Ok, now for the happy; satire. Seriously, satire has been making me very happy as of late and I'm trying to get enough together to put on my website (address to those I deem not mean) for all of six people to read.

New topic. Most people know that my friends are scattered to four winds and the seven seas, so when I find out that a fair sized concentration of friends will be in the same place at the same time, I get excited and want to go visit....for this reason I will more than likely take my fever down to Mobile so that I may see said friends for however long I'm able.

Last topic. Ok, so I'm getting another job, and it goes without saying that my friends cover the country, so what will I do with my new found wealth? Spend it to go see everyone.....that is all.

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